Sunday, July 4, 2010

Travis is "Crawling"

Well, it's ugly and incredibly ineffective, but he is crawling. Two months of hard work have finally paid off for the little man. We of course were good parents and documented the event for all to see.

I had to turn the sound off because we were just way too annoying to listen to. That is why it is creepily quiet during the video. I hope you have a happy fourth!

By the way, his crawling has improved. It is still pretty ineffective, but he now puts his cute tush in the air and shakes it around. Too stinkin cute.

EDIT: The first time you watch it will take about 10 minutes so have it play while you are doing something else and then make it replay. The replay plays staright through. Sorry this is gonna have to do until I play with the settings a little bit more. Watching it again, his crawling is a lot better. It is almost sad that we thought this was crawling.

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Carolyn said...

Thanks for the video. It is adorable. I am so glad for all the post and that I not having to wait for Oct. to see anything for the first time.