Friday, March 7, 2008

Houston Rodeo

So this past Wednesday Brian and I went to the Houston rodeo and the concert that night featuring Kevin Fowler. I loved it. Brian was able to get the tickets for FREE! Not only were they free but they were suppose to be tickets for $77. They were so expensive because we were like right next to the arena. It was sooo awesome. We were sitting in the very middle only 6 rows from the real cowboys. In our section we were also allowed to get free food and drinks. Which was great because I was starving and the food there was SUPER expensive. I got to see the wagon races, which was really interesting, I'd never seen that before. They were going really fast and I thought they would just fall over any second. Nobody did but somebodys front wheel did break and they won the race with only 3 wheels. That night I got to see a lot of really neat events but I would have to say that my favorite part of the rodeo was at the very end when they had kids in ffa from different high schools try to catch a calf. First of all some of them had no business running much less running after cattle. When they tried to catch the cattle they would grab their tails . One girl tried this and the calf drug her across the arena. I didn't get to see this but Brian just about died laughing. I did see this kid with a calf between his legs but he was on the ground and was trying to get the rope around it's neck. It was just great. We then got to see Kevin Fowler in concert and sing like a million songs about drinking. He did perform "I'm a hard man to love" and the one about the devil going down to Georgia. The fiddle player was so good, he was able to do it exactly like the song but was playing it like underneath his legs and all over the place. This was the first concert I have been to and it was a lot of fun. I am already really spoiled and it is sad that we will never be that close again. Sorry about the crappy pictures, it was really weird lighting that I never did figure out.
In other news I am really excited about today being over with and being able to go to Temple for a few days. I'll post about that when I get back on Wednesday.

This is how close we were to everything. The three wagons that raced.

I kept forgetting to take the zoom off of my camera. I eventually figured it out.

I am getting good with my camera now. Here is Kevin Fowler.