Thursday, June 24, 2010

23 Weeks and Counting...

Today my sweet baby is 23 weeks old and I realized that I haven't posted in over a month. Shame on me! So much has happened since our May photo shoot. It seems like everyday our little man is getting so much bigger and accomplishing new things.
Travis has teeth now. He got his first tooth on May 18 and the next one followed a few days later. Suprisingly, or maybe not to some of you, I was completely oblivious to this change. I knew that he had been cranky so I asked my mom if she thought he could be teething. Sure enough she checks and low and behold there is a little tooth. Needless to say I felt like a good mom.

Travis has also been eating solids for a little while. This past Monday he started getting the hang of it once I thickened his rice up a bit. We are still doing just every other day but he seems to enjoy it.
He is also trying to crawl. Heaven help us. I have tried discouraging this as much as possible but it seems that our little man is bent on crawling before he turns six months old. He can't sit up worth anything, but he can almost crawl. Go figure. The rest of these are for pure entertainment. He would NOT cooperate today when I was trying to take pictures of him so this is what we ended up with.

Can you believe this face? Seriously I see it like five hundred times a day when he is trying to crawl and gets frustrated. This child has NO patience. Don't worry, he doesn't just take his frustrations out on me. He also takes them out on Turtle. Poor, poor Mr. Turtle gets the brunt of this child's anger. Mr. Turtle is a 7 inch stuffed animal attached to a ring that goes on the car seat. Turtle also has two little rings on his feet that cause Travis much frustration. While Brian and I were on our way back to Boerne from a family reunion Travis and Turtle ended up sitting together. I knew better, this was not the first time Travis has ended up screaming at Turtle. Regardless, they were sitting together when we first hear happy yelling from the back seat. I turn around and look in the mirror that allows me to spy on my child with out leaving the safety of my seatbelt to find that Travis has spit out the binkie and is chewing on the rings on Turtle's feet. I turn around figuring they will be alright. The happy yelling quickly turned into angry yelling. Note the face above. This is his angry yelling face. I turn again to see Travis trying to chew on his feet, then yanking him out of his mouth, then shoving him back in, then out, then in, out...You get the idea. I roll my eyes and turn around because seriously I am not leaving my seatbelt for that pathetic scuffle. We listen to more angry yelling then hear a loud thud. I turn around and Turtle is gone. I do a quick scan of the back seat to spot poor Turtle stuck between the seat and the door. Travis had apparently thrown Turtle in complete frustration. I couldn't believe it. Seriously who throws their toys out of their carseat. I had to laugh and realize that little people come with big personalities!