Thursday, July 8, 2010


When I pictured life with a six month old I only pictured the cuddling, coos and smiles; I did not envision the little tantrums. Life is full of surprises. With Travis' recent ability to crawl he has been getting into everything. Don't let the video of his pathetic crawl confuse you. The child can be lightning fast and is lightning fast when he has his eyes set upon a prize. Unfortunately for the both of us, his prize is usually in the form of a TV remote, laptop, the ENTIRE entertainment center, my pump, and a stack of bills waiting to be paid. Ugh! Naturally I try and distract him but the child is focused. Really, REALLY focused! So I ruin his life and move him and/or the object that he has successfully crawled to and oh boy, the kid has lungs. His happy little face melts and it turns into the saddest, most pathetic little face. Then the crying starts. Luckily the tantrums are relatively short as he focuses on something else he cannot have and begins the journey towards it.

Today was particularly bad as he threw several tantrums and my back hasn't been cooperating lately so it makes moving the little creature painful. I never thought about the moments like this when I dreamed about our little man, but I am grateful for them. I am even more grateful for the moments that I did intend to have, like when he actually let me rock him for a few minutes today before he became a busy body, or when we played after dinner and both got green goop all over the two of us, or when we smiled and stared at each other right before bed time. So although I am not a huge fan of the tantrums, I will take them everyday if I get to snuggle with my little man.


Vanessa said...

WOAH... look at your blogging TWICE in one month. I hope this trend stays :) OH MAH WOOORRD, Travis looks scrumptious in that picture. Just wanna cuddle with him.

And your post had me LOL, for real. I heart baby tantrums :) Stop ruining poor Travis' life!

Jen said...

Christian is doing similar tantrums and he seems to ALWAYS crawl to something he shouldn't. Life changes when they get mobile huh!