Sunday, January 13, 2008

More Birthday Pictures

This is the bag that Brian got me for my Birthday. It's original purpose was to be my temple bag which I really needed, but I got to thinking it is just a great all around bag that will probably be used for many different things. I was very impressed with his sense of fashion. Oh, he also got me socks so I would stay out of his.

Birthday Fun

Yay, Heather is finally not a teenager anymore. My birthday was great, I got all kinds of cool things and really appreciated all the phone calls wishing me well. Thanks family and friends. Here are some pictures we took of my birthday fun.My Cookie Cake, YUM!

Primrose Schools

After not a very long job hunt I found a job working at a school/daycare place called Primrose School at North Mason Creek. I teach private Kindergarten and do an after school program called the Explorers. For the private Kindergarten I don't really do a whole lot. I just take over after lunch for naptime, art, music, and story time. It is really fun except for naptime when nobody wants to sleep. They are a pretty good group of kids minus two who I would like to ship to another planet. After they leave I get another group of kids grades 1-5 and run the after school program. They are a hoot, sometimes but also need a lot of discipline. Oh did I mention these kids are SPOILED. Half of them have Ipods, MP3 players, and cell phones. Absolutely ridiculous. They don't really spend any time with their parents either, it's kinda sad. In any event we do a lot of fun activities and I am getting great experience and good ideas for teaching. Hopefully this will be a good job until I graduate.

The Jeep

So, as most of you probably know we got another vehicle. Neither of us really wanted to take this on until this summer but Brian had to have a vehicle at work and school is not in biking distance. Big bummer. On the bright side I have my own car now. It was a HUGE pain to get thanks to the idiots at the Kia Dealership but it is here and I really enjoy it. It is a very pretty blue Jeep Liberty and I really like the way it drives. It is so much fun to be able to park again and not look completely ridiculous pulling in and out five times to get straight. It also has much better gas mileage and will probably become our traveling car. Brian is very sad that it is not a more manly vehicle, to him it is just a little girl car that he has to drive when we go places that are far away together.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Big Event #3: Our First Christmas

This year was our first Christmas together and it was wonderful. We were able to go to Boerne to spend time with our great family there. We had a lot of fun participating in the Christmas traditions. On Saturday we gathered all the Grahams in the area and went carolling to about 7 families in all. What an event!!! There were TONS of people at grandma's house, about forty people in all. It was a lot of fun to be surrounded by all that family. A big bonus on this night was that I was able to meet the famous Brandon Wilson in the flesh. This is Brian's cousin and really good friend that is serving in the marines in California but was able to take leave and spend time with his family. It was great to finally meet the him and put a face with all of those stories. On Sunday was the BIG Christmas eve party. We all got together again and ate (of course we ate, it was a family function) and had Grandpa Graham read the story of Christ's birth. This is really an amazing tradition. I have to admit on of my favorites. Christmas was of course amazing and Santa was unbelievably kind. We received great Christmas presents and really really appreciated them.

Brian and I Christmas morning.

John with his paint ball outfit.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Big Event #2: Moving into Our New Apartment

When Brian and I made the decision to move to Katy I knew that finding an apartment would be rough. We were in the middle of school and did not have the money to make a trip to Katy to find a place to live. So we did what I highly warn against...we looked for one online through an apartment locator. It took a while and A LOT of phone minutes but we finally found a place that I really enjoy. Moving was a mess again, third time was definantly not a charm, more of a nightmare but we did live so all is well. A huge super thanks to Cody for helping Brian with the heavy stuff, I didn't have to act like a very weak boy, I got to actually be a girl this time around. It is a beautiful apartment, minus all of our stuff that still needs to be put up, thrown away and organized. The best part is that we are only 15 minutes away from Brian's work and my work/school. Sorry I only have one picture of the kitchen that is even remotely decent. We really need to get on this unpacking and start decorating. I'll have to update you later.

Let's Play Catch Up!

As most of you know this past month has been absolutely insane, but completely amazing. So much has happened so let me start from the beginning and fill everybody in.

Big Event #1: Graduation

I'm sure most everybody knows that Brian finally graduated. WHOOP!!!!!! He is now a former student of Texas A&M University and loves it. Last semester was rough to say the least and we are just both so thankful that he was able to make it in the end and brave finals with his engineering professors. Graduation day was great. Brian had a huge cheering section at the ceremony, about 11 people. After about 2 and a half hours of waiting we were able to see Brian walk the stage and proudly receive his tube. Even more amazing it actually had his degree in there. Whew! A huge thank you to everybody who came and made it such a special day.

Brian with his dad and grandpa. He is a third generation Aggie.