Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thankfulness 101

So I have decided that my history professor is an idiot that needs to be fired for stupidity. Needless to say I do not think I did so hot on my first test and I am fuming and the moment. Seriously I think you might be able to see the smoke coming out of my ears. It is times like these when I previously would just like to throw a little pity party when I am going to be a big girl and tell you the things I am thankful for.

1. School- I know I just tore it to pieces but I am thankful for the opportunity that I have to finish up my schooling and get a degree. I know not everybody is able to do this and I am really thankful that I can.
2. My Job - I enjoy what I do most of the time and get paid really well compared to anywhere else I could be working part-time.
3. My family - They always listen to me gripe about all of the above and do it while pretending to listen to me. They are such awesome people and I am excited to see some of them soon.
4. My Car - It is not a superficial thing. I am grateful that Brian and I do not have to map out 20 different schedules just to get to school and work. I am thankful that I do not have to walk or ride my bike to school anymore.
5. My Brian - Words can not even begin to describe how much he puts up with from me. He knows when I have reached a limit and does not get mad just picks up the slack and helps until I calm down enough to be reasonable. He even is able to wake me up in the morning with a smile when I give him the "go away and die" look.

I am feeling much better, blogs really do serve some purpose.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Luck of the Irish, Maybe not

I decided I would post something going on in Brian's life. There have been a few things going on for him lately. First the Chili cookoff that he was in charge of went really well. They predicted rain, but it didn't rain, and they won 3rd place in their chili. The theme was "Rock yourself Chili" and they played a version of guitar hero all day. It went much better than in previous years. At work he also won a free ipod. He is the luckiest guy sometimes, it is actually ridiculous the way things will sometimes work for him. Out of he whole company there were only a handful of people who got one and he did. However he did have to teach Sunday School today (He looked like a little kid, our ward is mostly people older than us) but did a really good job. He did such a good job that after class the Sunday School President asked him what callings he had. We'll see what happens, but I told him that's what he gets for speaking up in class and making good comments.

My New Haircut

So these are pictures of the haircut I got. It isn't as short as I wanted it but that is just the way it is. I wanted to make sure that I still liked my hair short before I chopped it all off. I might actually go back in a few months and cut a few more inches off.
I'm also trying to figure out how to take a picture of both of us with out us both looking retarded. I'll let ya know how this goes. In other news I am excited about going home to see my parents over spring break, and then going to east Texas to float down the river with some friends from College Station. I will have some pretty exciting updates soon. Also my latest contemplation is how strange it is to be coming up on my one year anniversary. It just seems like that is way too soon.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Brian looks good in pink!

So, it finally happened. After only nine months of marriage, I botched up the laundry good. The other day I put some whites in the laundry. I did it my way and not Brian's way which includes picking up each article of clothing and tossing it into the washer, duh, it just takes way too long. Well, I am cooking breakfast for the family, Brian's parents and brother were there when Brian comes into the kitchen and asks if he can see me for a moment. He drags me back into the laundry room and shows me a bright pink towel that used to be white. My first thought was not a very nice word. I obviously felt bad because I know better than to take a huge heaping armful of clothes and throw them in the washer with out so much as glancing at the contents. GRRR... Apparently the culprit was a bright red shop towel (thank you bronco for haunting me when you are gone). Anways the damage was not too extensive except for Brian's favorite shirt which happens to be my favorite too because it is sooo cute on him. Next time I will listen to my husband.

Mish Heather...

So, although most of you have all heard this story but it reminds me why kids are so worth spending time with. I teach in a Kindergarten classroom in the afternoon. Well, on Friday I was reading a book to the group right before it was time to go and the kids were losing interest. One in particular was standing by me and every so often she would put her face really close to me, giggle a little bit and then move. After about three times of this happening I finally asked her what she was doing. She replied in her cute squeky voice, "Mish Heather, I'm smelling you." I of course laughed uncontrollably and asked if I smelled good and apparently I did. Oh by the way it is not a mispelling she does not say Miss, it is a very distinct Mish. Anyways so I go on reading once I compose myself when I see her looking at me again. I asked again what she was doing and she replied, "Mish Heather, you have spots." Now I have no idea what this child is talking about so I ask her where my spots were and she carefully points out a few freckles on my arm. By this time I am thoroughly amused and I'm asking questions just to see what this child is going to say next. So I asked her how many spots I had, she looked at me for a few seconds and finally determined that I had an infiniti number of spots. I have a feeling they learned about infiniti that day because I had heard this new word quite often that morning. I love these little kids sometimes, they are absolutely hilarious.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

School is Crazy

So, my sincerest apologies to not being a more dedicated blogger. Something big came up. This nightmare is more recently called school at the prestigous Houston Community College. Wow, that is very impressive if I don't say so myself. January has been filled with procrastination of school work which carried into February and blew up in my face. It's going to be a busy month, yet I still find every reason in the world not to do my homework. Something about going to a school that is suppose to be a joke has had a lot to do with my recent tantrums when it comes to doing anything. Another huge blow is that my loyal hubby is out. He has completed with out me, and now I must suffer this indescribable pain of school alone. TEARS! Even though I throw a pitty party at least once a week to get sympathy and maybe an assignment completed by hubby, he has not budged, something about how I actually have to learn this stuff. What a goody two shoes!

In other news, Brian and I are looking for something to do for our one year anniversary that is very inexpensive but something fun and different. Let me know if you have any ideas. Have a great day.