Sunday, January 10, 2010

Picture Overload

I am too lazy to write what we've been up to. Pictures are the best I can do. Enjoy!

I had to make a comment about the bear. Yesterday we FINALLY installed the car seat. I am so glad that we did it because it took forever and had we waited we would have had one very upset infant. Anyways, after installing the car seat I wanted to make sure that we could actually put our child in the car seat without making him scream. I looked for a doll, and quickly realized that I didn't have one (why would I have one, seriously?). I did however find this poor bear who quickly was used as our baby boy. I figured out a great way to strap him in with minimal tossing about. I practiced a couple of times and then wanted Brian to try. After some grumbling (not saying it wasn't warranted, because what grown man wants to play daddy with a teddy bear?) I finally convinced him, or possibly nagged him into giving it a try. He did great, much to my relief. He was a little bit of a smart-aleck at the end when he decided to pull the strap in one swoop as hard as he could (like you would rope a calf hard), nearly crushing our poor stand-in. Happily the bear is alive and even smiling. Can you tell we need this baby to come soon?!?!?!?!