Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Catching up on October

This is Travis' new favorite face. I don't understand it.

He was kind of a girl when it came to carving the pumpkin. He didn't want to get his hands dirty for a long time. After a while he finally decided it would be okay but easily got bored with it. Maybe next year he will find it more exciting.

We loved the pumpkin patch that we went to. They didn't have a lot for Travis' age to do (nobody does) but we had a good time showing him the animals and pumpkins.

We went to a Cowboys Monday night football game and watched them lose. It was really fun though watching the big screen since the players looked like ants from the top deck's very last row. Being on the last row was actually kind of nice because I didn't feel bad standing up and rocking Travis when he would get fussy. He was excellent that night with the exception of the ride back to Vanessa and Rodney's house.

Brian's sister Debbie got married this October. We are really excited for her and her husband to start this wonderful new chapter in their life. We also really appreciated an occasion to get all the grandkids together on Brian's side in matching outfits for pictures. I only got one that looks halfway decent but I am told there are good ones floating around somewhere. Travis is again making his best smile face. I have no idea where his real cute smile went and why he replaced it with his fake creepy one.

While Brian was out of town I managed to get away to my parents house and go to the pep-rally and football game. Travis loves pep-rallies! He likes to dance with the music and watch the cheerleaders. He also likes to flirt with them afterwards. Number 48 is my cute little brother he is an awesome player and it was great to see him and Angie perform this year.

Can anybody believe that Travis was this little? Or that he still makes that exact same face?!?!?!

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