Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The May Photo Shoot

For Mother's Day this year we sent pictures of Travis to our moms. How original, right? I know I am so LAME. I couldn't even manage to plaster his cute face on a mug, or mouse pad. Alas, a picture had to do. Since we wanted at least two good pictures we dedicated an entire wake period, almost a full hour and a half to shooting this child (with a camera of course). This is the result of that wonderful afternoon.

As you can see he was in full cooperation mode, for these pictures, we will not mention the 50 we took where he was eating his hands, throwing a fit, and trying to face plant into the carpet. I am just glad that we were ableto catch him in a rare moment when he is not getting up on his feet putting his face to the floor and trying to inch worm his way to an unknown destination. About 5 seconds of that and the child has a huge rug burn on his face, and knees.
All in all he was, and usually is, a cooperative and sweet child. His little personality is hilarious and I am so glad I get to see it blossom a little each day.


Vanessa said...

hahahahaha... travis is going to crawl soooo soon. i can't wait. i hope he is into everything :) it is sad that he gives himself a rug-burn... um OUCH!!! i seriously wish you would have included pictures of the fits, face-planting, etc. that would have made my day because i'm evil. he is getting SO big. and he certainly looks starved.

give him a big smooch from his favorite aunt :) LOVE YOU!

Carolyn said...

Vanessa, I agree with everything you said except the favorite outfit part. Ummm... sorry but if you want that title you have to share it especially since he has a single aunt in her 30's.

He has a huge smile. I love how happy he looks in some of them.