Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Today has been a BLAH day so far. It is now 10:41 and I have yet to accomplish anything significant. That is so sad, especially since I have so much to do. Mostly school work. I need to vent about school work and then maybe I can get on with my life. I am feeling more resentful than usual this semester for being in school. The "glamour" of the whole situation has been gone since I got married. (May 2007) I have been on a campaign ever since to quit and do something else with my life.

I am chalking this recent fit up to a mid-semester meltdown. Anyways, I suppose trudging along until spring break will do me good. I also have to remind myself there is so much to look forward to like...
1. I will see my sweet honey at 7:00 tonight.
2. Spring Break is in 2.5 Days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3. I get to see Brian's family this weekend (possibly get my baby fix from a certain adorable neice and nephew)
4. I get to see my crazy family again over Spring Break.
5. There is a lovely canoe trip to break up the rest of the semester.
6. I will be married two friggin years on May 12 awoohoo!
7. We are taking a whole 5 days, count them (wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday) to ourselves in our first vacation since our honeymoon.

Just as way of an update, we moved again two weekends ago. I have great pictures from fun things that we have been doing lately. I can't wait to post them. I think you'll like them a whole lot.


Vanessa said...

It's about friggin time you posted!!!! HOLY crap I've waited a long time to read something...ANYTHING... so thank you, Mini. ;) I've enjoyed reading about your tantrum. Spring break is almost here... which means our insane family will be visiting soon, and thats enough to make anything better.

Is your canoe trip and the anniversary trip the same thing?? Or are they separate things? I'm jealous... Mr. Pebs and I need to plan something for our anniversary, because next year (year 3), we'll have some chubby addition to the family. We'll probably drop that chubby addition off at Papa's and GG's/Memaw's. (Mom needs to make up her mind about which name she wants...)

I hope you post again soon... I certainly hope I don't have to wait until June to read something new.

heather said...

The canoe trip and the anniversay trip are two seperate things. The canoe trip is with several people from college station. We went last year and it was sooo much fun.