Sunday, February 24, 2008

Luck of the Irish, Maybe not

I decided I would post something going on in Brian's life. There have been a few things going on for him lately. First the Chili cookoff that he was in charge of went really well. They predicted rain, but it didn't rain, and they won 3rd place in their chili. The theme was "Rock yourself Chili" and they played a version of guitar hero all day. It went much better than in previous years. At work he also won a free ipod. He is the luckiest guy sometimes, it is actually ridiculous the way things will sometimes work for him. Out of he whole company there were only a handful of people who got one and he did. However he did have to teach Sunday School today (He looked like a little kid, our ward is mostly people older than us) but did a really good job. He did such a good job that after class the Sunday School President asked him what callings he had. We'll see what happens, but I told him that's what he gets for speaking up in class and making good comments.


MrsPebs said...

Brian IS lucky...don't you wish we were born with that? Keep bloggin...because I LOOOOVE IT!

MamaM said...

You both are lucky, you have fantastic parents and wonderful brothers and sisters!!