Wednesday, July 22, 2009

15 Weeks and Another Check-Up

Today I am 15 weeks along with our little bean. woohoo. Only 25 more weeks to go until he/she comes. Around this time, our baby is about 4 inches from head to rump. It weighs in at about 2.5 ounces. Exciting, our baby is getting bigger. On Monday we went to a much anticipated doctor visit. This was the first one where they did the doppler instead of looking at the baby with the ultrasound machine. I thought our baby would still be asleep since it was at our first appointment early in the morning. Boy was I wrong. As soon as the doppler went on my belly, we could hear a lot of random noise. It sounded kind of like sloshing? or water moving? It was a really weird sound that I've never heard before. She explained that it was the baby moving. Turns out the baby was moving a lot. She spent the next minute (the longest minute of my life) looking for the heartbeat. I think even Brian was concerned, probably because he knew that I was silently freaking out. By the time she found it I was well on my way to a heart attack. She was just about to give up and do an ultra sound when she finally found it. That is such a wonderful sound to a worry wart like me. The little peanut spent just enough time to get an accurate heart rate before it was off again. Little stinker!

At this appointment the heart rate went down, this is completely normal, but it ruined my theory that this baby is a girl. When the heart rate is towards the top of the scale, it is more likely a girl. Towards the bottom, more likely a boy. I now have no idea what it is. I thought no big deal since we should be able to find out in only 4 weeks but, after talking to the doctor its going to be more like 8 weeks. Grrr. I'll be almost 23 weeks before we found out what exactly we will be having. I guess I'll have to live with it and develop some patience.

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MrsPebs said...

The heartrate has nothing to do with gender (dad). Ha. I'm glad your baby is naughty and didn't cooperate at the appointment :) Makes Aunt Vanessa PROUD!!! I love little stinkers!

Annnnd, you need to add a picture. Thank you.