Friday, March 13, 2009

Spring Break!!!!!!!!

My spring break just officially began. I submitted my last homework assignment for one whole week. Too bad my plans during spring break consist of nothing but cleaning, homework, cleaning, organizing, cleaning, did I already mention cleaning. Ugh! Oh well, at least I don't live in an apartment that stinks like smoke anymore. I have also decided that Spring Break should not be called a break at all. All of my professors have MAJOR assignments due the week after. Then they say, oh you can do this over spring break. HELLO PEOPLE, that is not the purpose. If I wanted to not have a break in the middle of the semester I would have gone to BYU. (Although most definantly not the main reason, it played a part in me going to TAMU instead)

I have to brag on Brian for a moment who is going to be put as a lead on a project (assuming Mustang wins the bid) sometime this summer. He is still pretty much considered a baby there. By baby I mean he has only been there for 18 months and is already getting a chance to show what a friggin genius he is. Exciting!!!

On a side note: Bones was really good last night, it was their first new show in 3 weeks. Brian says that means they are about to cancel it. I almost cried. :(


MrsPebs said...

I miss you, I love you.... and you are still crazy. Mmmmkkk??? Brian is a genius and you will have genius children that make my children look bad. Thanks a lot. I NEED SOME PICTURES, please :)

Carolyn said...

Thanks for the new posts. I am so sad I missed all the rodeo stuff, but I am glad that you guys were able to go. I am thought you were able to get always last year for you honey moon. I am definitely gald you will this year since it might not be so easy in the future. I agree with Vanessa. I need some pictures. Especially of the rodeo and or incredibly adorable nice and nephew.