Thursday, December 18, 2008

Dress pictures

Angie if you want this dress it is yours. I also have a cardigan that I was going to wear with it.


karen said...

I love that little short black dress. One suggestion: find a lacy V-neck cami underneath, because the neckline of that dress is the best part! try to find something lower (but modest, of course--imagine getting this advice from a former YW leader--scandalous!!) but that covers your parts. (that's a little dressier.) Love it! You'll be SO happy to have a little black dress like that in your wardrobe. You'll wear it many many many times, as you should.

Accessories: you could do my personal favorite: pearls (like that new tannish/gold color) or pretty much do some hanging black jeweled chandelier earrings/jewelry. You either want to go really big and bold on the necklace OR the earrings/bracelet, but not both. Either big earrings and bracelet, or big necklace. I'm not a big fan of overaccessorizing all three areas of the body, because then the dress isn't the highlight. you'll look beautiful! hopefully you haven't gone to your event yet...and happy trails with all my unsolicited advice!!! love ya.

Carolyn said...

I miss your posts girlie. I am so lucky to have you for a sis.