Monday, January 7, 2008

Big Event #3: Our First Christmas

This year was our first Christmas together and it was wonderful. We were able to go to Boerne to spend time with our great family there. We had a lot of fun participating in the Christmas traditions. On Saturday we gathered all the Grahams in the area and went carolling to about 7 families in all. What an event!!! There were TONS of people at grandma's house, about forty people in all. It was a lot of fun to be surrounded by all that family. A big bonus on this night was that I was able to meet the famous Brandon Wilson in the flesh. This is Brian's cousin and really good friend that is serving in the marines in California but was able to take leave and spend time with his family. It was great to finally meet the him and put a face with all of those stories. On Sunday was the BIG Christmas eve party. We all got together again and ate (of course we ate, it was a family function) and had Grandpa Graham read the story of Christ's birth. This is really an amazing tradition. I have to admit on of my favorites. Christmas was of course amazing and Santa was unbelievably kind. We received great Christmas presents and really really appreciated them.

Brian and I Christmas morning.

John with his paint ball outfit.


MrsPebs said...

For half a second I thought the paint-ball guy was Brian...and I was laughing really hard. But then, to my dismay, I read the "caption". *Sigh* I needed leverage to poke fun at Brian. (My time will come...) Keep posting;reading your blog is a great substitute for homework. :)

MrsPebs said...

PS- I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one still sportin' the Wildcat attire. (Your picture..) Go big blue.