Sunday, January 6, 2008

Big Event #2: Moving into Our New Apartment

When Brian and I made the decision to move to Katy I knew that finding an apartment would be rough. We were in the middle of school and did not have the money to make a trip to Katy to find a place to live. So we did what I highly warn against...we looked for one online through an apartment locator. It took a while and A LOT of phone minutes but we finally found a place that I really enjoy. Moving was a mess again, third time was definantly not a charm, more of a nightmare but we did live so all is well. A huge super thanks to Cody for helping Brian with the heavy stuff, I didn't have to act like a very weak boy, I got to actually be a girl this time around. It is a beautiful apartment, minus all of our stuff that still needs to be put up, thrown away and organized. The best part is that we are only 15 minutes away from Brian's work and my work/school. Sorry I only have one picture of the kitchen that is even remotely decent. We really need to get on this unpacking and start decorating. I'll have to update you later.

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MrsPebs said...

Sweet looking apartment! Looks nice and spiffy! Can't wait to see more pictures...Cough*Cough!