Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Photo Journal

I can't believe that my baby is almost 7 weeks old. He has changed so much during the past couple of weeks. He is starting to do new things everyday. One of the things he has started doing more consistently is rolling over. He was kind enough to let me show you how he does this.

Step One: Drop one arm and look over at mom to see if she will help. When mom denies help step two begins.

Step Two: Rock body to one side and stick your tongue out for style.

Step Three: Finish on your back and then scream to make your mom feel bad for leaving you to fend for yourself.

Travis has discovered that he has a voice. He mostly sticks to the regular cries and grunts but has begun to venture into cooing. It is SO cute.

Travis has also started to smile. He started doing it only when I changed dirty diapers. I swear he just thought it was funny that I had to change him. He now does it several times a day and it completely melts my heart. I haven't caught it on camera but I catch him right after he does it.

We enjoy a good snuggle now and then.

I took this just to show that he does in fact have a million fat rolls. I love that he has back fat.
Being parents has been a huge change but we are really starting to enjoy our new life. He has been a great blessing and we love him so much.


Vanessa said...

ooooh my gosh... i LOOOOVE him. he is getting soooooo cute. baaah!!!! his chubbiness is GREAT :) in addition to him rolling over and cooing, I hope he develops a girl scream like his cousin. all in due time :)

Carolyn said...

I totally thought I had commented. Yeah for new pictures. He is so handsome. I love the steps of rolling. He is definitely a keeper.