Sunday, January 10, 2010

Picture Overload

I am too lazy to write what we've been up to. Pictures are the best I can do. Enjoy!

I had to make a comment about the bear. Yesterday we FINALLY installed the car seat. I am so glad that we did it because it took forever and had we waited we would have had one very upset infant. Anyways, after installing the car seat I wanted to make sure that we could actually put our child in the car seat without making him scream. I looked for a doll, and quickly realized that I didn't have one (why would I have one, seriously?). I did however find this poor bear who quickly was used as our baby boy. I figured out a great way to strap him in with minimal tossing about. I practiced a couple of times and then wanted Brian to try. After some grumbling (not saying it wasn't warranted, because what grown man wants to play daddy with a teddy bear?) I finally convinced him, or possibly nagged him into giving it a try. He did great, much to my relief. He was a little bit of a smart-aleck at the end when he decided to pull the strap in one swoop as hard as he could (like you would rope a calf hard), nearly crushing our poor stand-in. Happily the bear is alive and even smiling. Can you tell we need this baby to come soon?!?!?!?!


Jen said...

That's so funny...pretty soon it'll be so routine putting him in and out you won't even think about it. I'm glad Brian is a good sport for you. Good luck! Hope he comes soon!

MrsPebs said...

hahahaha. heather, please have travis. brian, way to be a good sport. travis, you are naughty and that's GREAT. you're in good company; your cousin is a nut. he is waiting for you!!!!!

haha, the poor bear.

Carolyn said...

No Heather, not lazy, just tired. I smiled big inside when you told the part about Brian practicing with the carrier. I could totally picture it in my head. I hope you had a great birthday and that Brian gave you my happy birthday message.

Carolyn said...

I didn't get told about Travis until today(Sun.) I guess Brian told mom he called everyone. Mom texted me and I don't get texts. I even talked to Brian on Friday. It sounded like he said he was with a friend who was having a hard time, but He might have been talking about Travis, I don't know yet. Sounds like you are having a rought time of it so far. It may not be helpful, but just know you have a sister in law who would love nothing more than to have your problems right now. I am glad you are back from the e.r. and that He is healthy and happy. I would love pictures when you get a chance.