Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Our ONE year Anniversary!

I'll begin this blog by apoligizing profusely for not being a very good blogger. It's just that this little nagging thing inside of me hates to write about what it going on in my life, plus school has been a living you-know-what. Yes...I am not being dramatic about it, it is kicking my tail all over the place. Anyways, Brian and I had a great anniversary. It was a lot of fun. We went to Sea World in San Antonio. Although Brian has been a few times I had never been before. He was a great sport and said that his favorite part about it was watching me act like a little kid. My eyes and smile were as big as saucers all day long. It was a BLAST!

Outside the entrance, Me with the Sea Lions, they were awesome, by far my favorite
Brian is trying to be a shark. He is feeding the dolphins, I saw teeth and thought my fingers all of a sudden looked too much like a fish.


Carolyn said...

I love the dolphins. I so want to go swimnming with them.

MrsPebs said...

wow, welcome back to blogging. can you believe your last post was the beginning of march?! i love the pictures. you two are so cute! and, by the way, im watching cody sleep and im about to cry. thats all :(

Angie said...

Heather you finally blogged :))
haha yay!!!!
I love you too!!!!